Some words about him
"Mr. Traver is an excellent artist, among those few musicians that I can consider outstanding. He is usually invited by international orchestras, including the Madrid Soloists Chamber Orchestra. His musicality and professionalism raised the quality of our concerts being acclaimed by the public and the orchestra's own musicians..."-
Gabor Szabo, Artistic Director of Madrid Soloists Chamber Orchestra.
"One of the best performances I've ever heard of the great Clarinet Concerto by W. A. Mozart"...
-Paul Cortese, viola concertist
"Amazing artistic talent, in my opinion he is one of the most prepared concert performers in the world" ..
Alexander Yakovlev, Artistic Director of the International Festival of St. Petersburg
"He has one of the best sounds I've ever heard. His delicacy, virtuosity and subtle poetry in Mozart's concert reminded me of the legendary clarinetist David Schifrin..."
Andy Smith, Las Vegas Philarmonic
"His wonderful sound had warmth and expression, his brilliant technique was beyond any standard virtuosity and his deep musical understanding of the score and sensitivity in the different musical styles, made his performance truly extraordinary..."
Sergej Bolkhovets, Berlín Philarmonic Orchestra